Electric Ice Augers Vs Hand Ice Augers

Electric ice augers have quite a few advantages over hand ice augers and new models with improved power are coming out each year.

Advantages of Electric Ice Augers Compared to Hand Ice Augers

Power and Speed

Power and speed have to be the most significant advantages of an electric ice auger, especially when drilling a large number of holes in a day. New electric augers released recently are capable of drilling through 1,600 inches with an 8-inch drill on a single charge. These new models also have new batteries that can boost charge capacity up to 66% over previous versions.

Easy on the Body

An electric ice auger makes it easier to drill multiple holes without suffering from sore back, arms, and shoulders after a long day of hand drilling in sub-zero temperatures.

Noise Reduction

Although nothing can beat a hand auger when it comes to noise reduction, an electric auger is infinitely quieter than a propane ice auger (http://propaneiceauger.net/) which makes the fish scatter. Some models are quieter than others but the speed with which a hole can be drilled outweighs the noise factor.

Ease of Use

An electric auger starts up with the easy push of a button and works for as long as you have battery power.

Battery Management

High-torque drills that are powered by professional-grade 5-amp or 9-amp batteries are recommended. Cheaper underpowered drills will burn out. Battery management with two or three extra batteries will allow even the most compulsive hole-drillers a worry-free day of fishing. Four batteries have enough power to drill up to two hundred holes during the course of a day. Keeping batteries warm in a pocket or fish house helps to extend their life and a sharp auger blade is any ice fisherman’s best friend, no matter the power that propels it.

Hole Placement

A light and fast electric ice auger allows you to quickly punch holes into the ice in zigzag or grid patterns, and to move quickly from hole to hole when ice fishing.

Cordless Electric Drills for use in Shacks

It is easy to use an electric auger inside a shack or wheelhouse. No need to mark out the spot on the ice, just drop the shack flat on the ice and start drilling.


Electric conversion drills offer the option of reverse which makes them great to back-flush holes instead of messing around freshly drilled holes dipping sludge.

Conversion Kits

Auger adapters are able to convert a hand auger into an electric auger by using a portable cordless drill. They are lightweight and portable with efficient set-ups that are perfect for use on the ice. They are quiet, reliable, and much faster than their counterparts. A conversion kit is a great alternative to purchasing a new electric auger.

The manufacturers of drill auger conversion kits reveal that a conversion kit combo can drill through seven hundred inches of ice before needing a re-charge. The tiny lithium batteries that power these drills are capable of drilling numerous portals for fishing in a very short period of time. New cordless drill adapters can turn any professional grade 18V electric drill into a powerful ice auger.

Seasoned ice fishermen predict that once you have tried one you will never want to be without one of these powerful tools in the quest for more fish caught in a day. Check out reviews of ice augers before you buy to make sure you get the best one for your money.

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